Tales from the Heartland | The Reader’s Shelf, August 2013


The Reader’s Shelf emphasizes a mix of fiction, memoir, and journalism.

Tales from the Heartland | The Reader’s Shelf


A mix of fiction, memoir, and journalism.

Could You Show Me on a Map? | The Reader’s Shelf, July 2013


Contributor and MLS student Linda Gwilym takes a look at map-related titles.

Every Picture Tells a Story: Illustrated Reads | The Reader’s Shelf, June 15, 2013


Reviews of graphic novels that encompass a wide variety of styles.

Reading and Living the Creative Life | The Reader’s Shelf, May 15, 2013


Live the creative life vicariously in three novels about artists in passionate pursuit of their callings. Then look within to discover (or recover) your own creative DNA with the help of a writer, a world-renowned choreographer, and a creative arts therapist. Cassandra Mortmain’s father, a once-celebrated author, has been stymied by a years-long writer’s block, […]

Going to the Dogs: Some Waggingly Good Tales | The Reader’s Shelf, June 1, 2013


Dogs are not just our best friends. As these books prove, they are also our saviors, traveling companions, and earnest and loving teachers. In the early 1960s, John Steinbeck took a long and winding road trip across America with his poodle, Charley, by his side. Drawing on his sardonic wit, Steinbeck recorded many keen observations […]

The Reader’s Shelf: May 1, 2013


An examination of recent winners of the Sophie Brody Medal, which demonstrate the importance of learning and memory in Jewish culture.

Surviving Genocide: Memoirs of the Unthinkable | The Reader’s Shelf, April 15, 2013


The men and women who survived genocide and helped others to survive deserve our everlasting admiration. Their heroic, suspenseful, and inspirational accounts are harrowing but vitally important reading.

Letters from Poets: The Reader’s Shelf | April 1, 2013


Celebrate National Poetry Month with collections of letters from acclaimed poets.

Mission to Mars: The Reader’s Shelf | March 15, 2013


Fiction and nonfiction on the topic of Mars.

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