The Most of Nora Ephron | RA Crossroads


The richness of Ephron’s spry, vivid, and insightful writing invites gleeful reading, listening, and watching

Provence, 1970 Begins a Food Revolution | RA Crossroads


A seminal meal in southeast France leads to a culinary revolution; suggest these read-alikes, read-arounds, and watch-around to immerse patrons in your library’s cooking, art, and DVD collections.

al-Shaykh’s One Thousand and One Nights | RA Crossroads


Shahrazad talked her way out of death, transformed a king, and still inspires storytellers who continue to follow the tradition

Silva’s The English Girl | RA Crossroads


LJ‘s readers’ advisory column stars Silva’s spy master Gabriel Allon then directs readers to Child’s The Hard Way, Steinhauer’s The Tourist, and more

HBO’s Game of Thrones | RA Crossroads


Hidden heirs, dueling families, unfolding powers, one is closer the throne.

Dan Brown’s Inferno | RA Crossroads


This month’s RA has Brown’s Dante leading the winding path back to the original Inferno: highlights include read-arounds in science, Botticelli’s drawings, Franz Liszt’s symphonic adaptation, and Celtic folk singer/ songwriter Loreena McKennitt.

The Ocean at the End of the Lane | RA Crossroads


Gaiman starts this month’s reading crossroads. Fairy tales and fantasy, battles of forces, good and evil, short stories and audiobooks! Selections for the imagination.

Frances and Bernard | RA Crossroads

Frances and Bernard

In novelist Carlene Bauer’s Frances and Bernard, one word leads to another. Try read-alikes Starting out in the Evening and The Hours, read-arounds The Habit of Being: Letters of Flannery O’Connor and the Letters of Robert Lowell, and epistolary work 84 Charing Cross Road [the film] for more than one view.

Frozen in Time | RA Crossroads

Frozen in Time

Steer your patrons to Mitchell Zuckoff’s retelling of the November 1942 crash of a U.S. cargo plane into the Greenland Ice Cap, the loss of the B-17 sent to find it, and the loss of a Grumman Duck amphibious plane that had managed to rescue one B-17 crew member. LJ’s readers’ advisory suggests World War II narratives read-alikes, read-arounds, and watch-alikes.

The Narrating Brilliance of Simon Prebble | RA Crossroads


Experience the brilliance of audiobook narrator Simon Prebble in his own voice, listen-alikes, listen-arounds, and listen-agains. Readers’ advisory recommends Clarke’s Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell; Morgenstern’s The Night Circus; Eliot’s Middlemarch, Dickens’s A Tale of Two Cities among others to get reading patrons listening.