Pop Culture Advisory: Orange Is the New Black

With the success of Orange Is the New Black, take a look at other tales of women in prison.

Pop Culture Advisory: Cloning

In honor of Dolly, the cloned sheep, LJ looks at clones in fiction.

Pop Culture Advisory: Twenty Feet from Stardom


Backup singers move into the spotlight.

Pop Culture Advisory: James Gandolfini

Read- and watch-alikes for The Sopranos.

Pop Culture Advisory: Game of Thrones


What to read, watch, and play after Game of Thrones.

Pop Culture Advisory: Breaking Bad

breaking bad

A multitude of suggestions, across media and genres, for fans of AMC’s Breaking Bad, especially for fans seeking the DVDs of the fifth season which comes out today.

Pop Culture Advisory: Welcome to Sanditon

Pulp book cover redesign via Flavorwire

Suggestions for readalikes and watchalikes for fans of Welcome to Sanditon.

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