A Short Story Collection from We Need Diverse Books | Audio in Advance January 2017 | Middle Grade


Middle grade audiobooks publishing in January 2017.

Fast Five with Tavia Gilbert


What’s your favorite type of character to narrate? I adore voicing big, quirky, over-the-top characters. Writers who give me a vocal playground are my favorites! What was your favorite non-audiobook gig? One of my favorite-ever non-audiobook gigs was years ago—a professional musical theater production that was part of a summer arts festival in a charming […]

Young John Lewis | Audio in Advance January 2017 | Early Elementary


Early elementary audiobooks publishing in January 2017

LJ Media Reviews: November 15, 2016


Nuanced, multilayered, relevant fiction from Aboulela; an absolute must-listen Wonder; blues enthusiasts will take Pride and Joy in this look at the music industry; stop worrying, and learn to enjoy Dr. Strangelove

Billionaires and Ballots: How To Buy an Election | Presidential DVDs


Getting one last jump on the election, LJ reviews a DVD that looks at the political money men and how going to the polls can be a harrowing experience.

Getting To Know Giallo | Video Reviews, November 1, 2016


Giallo films, a genre originating in Italy, are an evolutionary step between the classic murder mystery and the American slasher film craze of the 1970s and 1980s. Visually the emphasis is on presenting shocking and unusual murders.

Kennedy Chronicles | Audio Reviews, November 1, 2016


Compelling, convincing, and current, Kennedy has Framed a great listen for fans of true crime aficionados and conspiracy theorists; Tye delivers an insightful look into the ways Bobby Kennedy became involved in the civil rights movement

Women Composers, Part 2 | Music Matters


In my previous column, we began a three-part series exploring female composers, beginning with the Medieval through early Romantic period. Here, we’ll look at artists of the 20th ­century.

FearNYC Day Six: Honoring the Work of Wes Craven


On the penultimate day of the first annual FearNYC festival, festival goers were treated to another collection of horror shorts, a few classic horror films, some fantastic premieres, and the awards ceremony.

FearNYC Day Five: Social Media Is a Plague


Day Five of FearNYC was the best day of the festival so far. With one exception, the lineup was all premieres, and they were all stellar.