Q&A: Sarah Peed


As publishing evolves and writers turn to digital outlets to create and distribute new works, major publishers like Random House Publishing Group, a division of the newly formed Penguin Random House, have committed to finding these new authors and delivering exciting fresh content to today’s most tech-savvy readers. Sarah Peed is the associate editor at […]

Fall & Winter Wonderland, Part Two: More Trade Titles Coming from University Presses


On June 27th, I posted the first half of my list of selected academic trade titles due from university presses this coming fall and winter. I explained that I included titles that simply leapt from the catalogs—see an example of one leaping at right. Yes, I did promise that I’d post this second half last […]

Poetry’s Appeal | Library Journal’s Day of Dialog

Robert Pinsky, Singing School

Stressing that there are no rules when it comes to art, Robert Pinsky says “a poem is not a challenge to say something smart…. A poem should not ‘mean’ but ‘be.’” And if you’re having trouble understanding it, “read it aloud.”

Collection Development 2020 | Library Journal’s Day of Dialog


Ebooks. Self publishing. Platforms, platforms, platforms. It’s hard enough to keep up now; what will collection development librarians’ jobs look like in 2020? At LJ’s Day of Dialog, held May 29 at the McGraw-Hill auditorium in New York City, Christopher Platt, Director, Collections and Circulation Operations, New York Public Library, put that question to a panel of librarians and a publisher.

BEA For All: A Librarian’s Guide to BookExpo America 2013

BEA For All: A Librarian’s Guide to BookExpo America 2013

To make the most of BEA, here are the offerings that are best for librarians—not all of them are particularly aimed at our profession, but eavesdropping on “the other side” can be illuminating. Though ebook questions feature heavily, we’re moving on from library availability concerns to debates surrounding secondhand ebooks, the effects on authors, and e-publishing of out-of-print titles.

Morrow Launches Digital-First Mystery Line


Ebook original mysteries continue to gain traction with publishers (see Kristi Chadwick’s 4/15 Genre Spotlight feature “Following Digital Clues”)  as HarperCollins’s William Morrow imprint announced the launch this October of Witness Impulse, a new digital -original mystery, suspense, and thriller line. Over 100 titles have already been acquired, and the initial release of ten titles […]

Andrew Carnegie Medals for Excellence in Fiction & Nonfiction Shortlist Announced


ALA announced its shortlist for the second annual Andrew Carnegie Medals for Excellence in Fiction and Nonfiction on Monday, April 23rd, naming three nominees in both fiction and nonfiction.

The Millions Launches Ebook Series

The Millions

Yesterday, book blog The Millions (which turns ten—an eon in internet years—in 2013) announced a series of short nonfiction ebooks called “The Millions Originals.” These shorts will be longer than the average long magazine article but shorter than the average book: they are nonfiction novellas, in other words. They can be purchased on Apple, Amazon, […]

Grey House To Publish Salem Press Material


Salem Press, which was purchased in 2009 by EBSCO, is moving and shaking once again. Under a new exclusive license between EBSCO Publishing and Grey House, Salem’s literary, history, health, and science works will now be published by Grey House. The company is mainly known for its directories and other ready-reference content, and recently bought […]

I Did the Math: Towards a More Diverse NYT Notable Book List

nyt top 10

Of the New York Times’s 100 Notable Books of 2012, there are only 39 women, 16 authors of color, and a mere seven women of color. It’s the job of book review editors—as guides to the overwhelming volume of titles published every year—to draw readers’ attention to the kind of books that can broaden their world, that tell the kind of stories that have never been told in print before. These books are out there, but the New York Times needs to do a better job of finding and recognizing them.