Best Acknowledgments of 2013


Sr. Editor Margaret Heilbrun presents her annual “Best Acknowledgments” and bestows the Amanda Foreman Award upon the author(s) and book(s) her subjective committee of one found most deserving of kudos for gracious and specific thanks offered to named library and archives staff who, in providing research access to the author, helped bring the book to publication.

Going Local: Celebrating a Decade of Resident Writers


Akashic Books publisher Johnny Temple shares his passion and appreciation of Brooklyn-affiliated writers

Janet Dailey, 1944–2013: Random Thoughts | In the Bookroom


Library Journal‘s longtime romance columnist Kristin Ramsdell honors the passing of a genre pioneer.

Q&A: Andy Weir


An interview with Andy Weir, author of The Martian.

Adventures in Editorial Scholarship: An Interview with Sandra Spanier


While letter collections are not new, it may take a writer like Hemingway, with a larger-than-life reputation, to bring attention to their value as literary companions.

Language, Poetry, & the Seventh Annual Poets Forum


Notes on poetry and panel discussions from the academy’s Poets Forum

Ebooks and Writers: The New Frontier | A Q&A with Jennifer Seasons & Jennifer Ryan


With an extremely low price point and instant access, ebooks can fill niches quickly without high up-front publishing costs, making publishers more likely to take a chance on new writers in varied markets and genres. It is these very benefits that have left this reviewer, however, often slogging through ebook drivel to find a gem. […]

Hooking Up, Historically Speaking | In the Bookroom


Hook up with Grand Central’s Forever authors on a tour of historical romance

Tom Clancy: Remembering a Technothriller Master


Military fiction icon Tom Clancy died October 1 in a Baltimore hospital at the age of 66. With the publication of The Hunt for Red October in 1984, the former insurance agent was catapulted into the spotlight when President Ronald Reagan commented that he enjoyed the book. Clancy’s descriptions of military weapons and strategies were […]

Talking to Jamie Ford About His LibraryReads Pick, Songs of Willow Frost

Jamie Ford credit Laurence Kim

Recently, I had the pleasure of talking with Jamie Ford, author of the mega-best-selling Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet and now Songs of Willow Frost, which is publishing this month and has just appeared on the first LibraryReads list. Here’s the result of our conversation.   “I like complicated family stories, stories […]

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