Reprints, Updates, & Bargains

Reprints, Updates, & Bargains

Classic Returns: John Buchan, Neil Gaiman & Maida Heatter

Classic Returns: John Buchan, Neil Gaiman & Maida Heatter

RA Crossroads: Jane Eyre Remixed and Revisited

As Lewis Carroll’s Alice so aptly points out, “What is the use of a book…without pictures or conversations?” Welcome to RA Crossroads, where books, movies, music, and other media converge, and whole-collection reader’s advisory service goes where it may. In this column, all things Jane Eyre lead me down a winding path. Begin: Jane Eyre. […]

Classic Returns Reviews | December 15, 2005

By Michael Rogers Fiction | Nonfiction Fiction Appel, Benjamin. Brain Guy/Plunder. 338p. ISBN 1-933586-01-X [ISBN 978-1-933586-01-4]. Rabe, Peter. Blood on the Desert/A House in Naples. 308p. ISBN 1-933586-00-1 [ISBN 978-1-933586-00-7]. Randisi, Robert J. The Ham Reporter/The Disappearance of Penny. 335p. ISBN 0-9749438-9-4 [ISBN 978-0-9749438-9-3]. ea. vol: Stark House. Jan. 2006. pap. $19.95. F A fine […]

Twelve Titles Chronicle the Legacy of C.S. Lewis | November 15, 2005

By Ron Ratliff Not long before he passed away, Irish-born writer C.S. Lewis (1898 – 1963) said that he doubted anyone would read his books five years after his death. He could not have been more wrong. Some 42 years later, he is probably the most popular Christian writer in print. Lewis published a number […]

Classic Returns Reviews | November 15, 2005

By LJ Staff Fiction BOWERS, DOROTHY. Shadows Before. Rue Morgue. 2005. 191p. ISBN 0-915230-81-X. pap. $14.95. MYSTERY This 1939 Bowers mystery follows her two Scotland Yard officers, Chief Inspector Dan Pardoe and Detective Sergeant Salt, as they investigate a series of poisonings. DICKENS, CHARLES. Mugby Junction. Hesperus, dist. by Trafalgar Square. Feb. 2006. 132p. ISBN […]

Classic Returns Reviews | November 1, 2005

By Michael Rogers FICTION CAPEK, KAREL. The Absolute at Large.242p. ISBN 0-8032-6459-3. pap. $16.95.CUMMINGS, RAY. The Girl in the Golden Atom. 341p. ISBN 0-8032-6457-7. pap. $14.95. ea. vol: Univ. of Nebraska. Oct. 2005. SF Released in 1922 and 1923, respectively, these sf novels both feature plots concerning worlds within worlds. Capek offers the tale of […]

Classic Returns Reviews | October 15, 2005

By LJ Staff FICTION BACH, RICHARD. Curious Lives: Adventures from the Ferret Chronicles. Hampton Roads. Oct. 2005. c.376p. ISBN 1-57174-457-6. pap. $15.95. F The five titles from Bach’s Ferret Chronicles series, originally published individually, combine in this bargain edition. BLACKWOOD, ALGERNON. Julius Levallon and The Bright Messenger. Stark House. 2005. 436p. ISBN 0-9749438-7-8. pap. $19.95. […]

Classic Returns Reviews | October 1, 2005

By LJ Staff FICTION BERGELSON, DOVID. The Shadows of Berlin. City Lights. 2005. 116p. ISBN 0-87286-444-8 [ISBN 978-87286-444-3]. pap. $14.95. F Bergelson’s short stories track the lives of Jews living in Berlin in the aftermath of World War I, while the specter of Nazism and the next war begins to rise. BOWERS, DOROTHY. Deed Without […]

Classic Returns Reviews | September 15, 2005

By LJ Staff FICTION DICK, PHILIP K. Dr. Futurity. Vintage. 2005. 169p. ISBN 1-4000-3009-9. pap. $10.95. SF Released by Ace Books in 1960, this volume is signature Dick as it focuses on a skilled doctor finding himself transported to a future society that glorifies death. DU MAURIER, DAPHNE. I’ll Never Be Young Again. 304p. ISBN […]