Classic Returns Returns! And Goes to the Movies | Classic Returns


Summertime is all about beach reads and blockbuster films—slipping into that air-conditioned cinema to cool off and escape reality for 90 minutes or so, immersing oneself in an alternate universe. We’re going to the movies for this return of Classic Returns, with rereleases and reissues of books that were made into movies, and are about […]

Road Trips, Mind Trip, and Fear of Flying | Classic Returns


Library Journal focuses on women making their way in the world, using any tools at hand: their blondeness, their intelligence, their sexual savvy, or a 1939 Ford.

Tales of Terror | Pre-Halloween Classic Returns


LJ counts down the days to Halloween with a trick-or-treat sampling of some great rereleases by kings (and a queen) of chill.

Deaf Separatists, Goddesses, Spies, Pies, and Supertalls | Classic Returns


For today’s post, I found a deaf-separatist fiction title that the original publisher likened to John Kennedy Toole’s A Confederacy of Dunces; an 1824 title said to be the “first American cookbook”; several anniversary reprints; Joseph Campbell’s thoughts on goddesses; and a soaring salute to skyscrapers, updated for the 21st century.

Happy Birthday Kierkegaard | Classic Returns


This month, two underappreciated women novelists return to print, a philosopher turns 200, Manning Marable’s tremendous new resource for Malcolm X scholars is published posthumously, and trans activist Kate Bornstein updates her Gender Workbook for the 21st century.

Author Q&A: Hanan al-Shaykh’s New Shahrazad

Hanan al-Shaykh

“Many thought that One Thousand and One Nights were folklore, tales, and that’s it—not a treasure. These stories were told so people could learn lessons about humanity, even from bad deeds or omens.”

Adult Fables and Literary Essays | Classic Returns

One Thousand and One Nights

April’s Classic Returns feature new English translations of The Fabliaux, Tacitus’s stern Annals, and a slim retelling of One Thousand and One Nights alongside Müller’s Anne Frank: The Biography, Merton’s Selected Essays and a rarely seen bilingual collection of Proust’s poetry.

Classic Returns: Reprints, Updates, and Bargains


American lit from Sherwood Anderson, a Bill Pronzini “Nameless Detective” mystery, classic sf from Jules Verne, and the street punks that launched Harlan Ellison’s career. Plus an odd mix of nonfiction.

Classic Returns: Strippers, Street Punks, and Shipkillers


Well, kids, it’s been awhile, hasn’t it? The column has been on hiatus while a few tangles were combed out, but now we’re back with a vengeance. In fiction, we’ve got some hardcore American and Japanese lit, some sf, a few femalecentric mysteries, and, my favorite, what arguably can be considered early street lit by […]

Geeky Friday: Bernie Wrightson’s Frankenstein Alive, Alive! Comic, Avenger$ (cha-ching!), James Bond Skyfall trailer, Hubbard Audio Gold, Sgt. Pepper Turns 45

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Geeky Friday: Bernie Wrightson’s Frankenstein Alive, Alive! Comic, Avenger$ (cha-ching!), James Bond Skyfall trailer, Hubbard Audio Gold, Sgt. Pepper Turns 45