Biology, March 2016 | Best Sellers

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Intelligent Life | Science & Technology, April 1, 2016

are we smart enough

An insightful and fascinating work that seeks to understand animals on their terms rather than ours; a riveting look at mimicry, camouflage, startle displays, communication signals, and reproductive deceptions and their evolutionary impact.

LJ Media Reviews: March 15, 2016


Bohjalian opens up an unwelcoming Guest Room, read by his daughter; vaudeville and big bands featured some very resourceful women, The Girls in the Band, plus new Fast Scans

LJ Nonfiction Reviews: March 15, 2016


Critic Hyden on why Your Favorite Band Is Killing Me, journeys beyond outer space; astronaut Aldrin’s No Dream Is Too High and Holt’s Rise of the Rocket Girls, a clever and playful study of Sex in the Sea from Hardt

Life Advocates | Science & Technology Reviews, March 15, 2016

cards for brianna thumb

Two heartfelt memoirs of women who battled cancer to the end. A breast cancer activist becomes the face of Breast Cancer Action and highlights her views on women’s health; a research specialist gets diagnosed with terminal cancer and parlays her thoughts on life in a series of cards to her daughter, Brianna.

Engineering & Technology, March 2016 | Best Sellers

May 2015 to date as identified by YBP Library Services

Mediterranean Jewish Food, Irish Country Recipes, and Korean Cooking | Cooking Reviews, March 15, 2016

korean food thumb

An exhaustive Jewish cookbook from three Mediterranean Jewish cultures, a compelling blend of delicious recipes from the Irish countryside, an approachable gateway to Korean cuisine, and other savory cookbooks to satisfy your palate

Gardening | Best Sellers, March 2016


Gardening with Less Water; Plants from Pits; What’s Wrong with My Houseplant?

LJ Nonfiction Reviews: March 1, 2016


From the art of Women Who Read to Conversations with Classic Film Stars; basketball legends, past and present; new titles for National Autism Awareness month; faith journeys that include a Revelation

Geology, February 2016 | Best Sellers

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