The Crowdfunding Handbook by Cliff Ennico | LJ Review


Ennico, a former Wall Street lawyer and expert in ecommerce, covers the ins and outs of raising small business capital using crowdfunding. Much more than an overview, this is a solid, nuts-and-bolts handbook that will be valuable to serious small-business entrepreneurs.

The Romanovs: 1613–1918 | LJ Review


Historian Montefiore delivers an impressive history of the Romanov autocratic dynasty in Russia.

April Is National Poetry Month | Wyatt’s World


To celebrate National Poetry Month, here are five new collections. Several make iconic work accessible once again; one volume shows how verse connects us to both past and present, and yet another title features the delights of well-regarded favorites.

Sounds and Sweet Airs by Anna Beer | LJ Review


LJ’s review of Sounds and Sweet Airs: The Forgotten Women of Classical Music

Alt-Florida Travel

guide to the everglades

This entertaining book will amuse and astonish Floridians and anybody interested in the absurdity of the Sunshine State or human nature in general; a guide to the Everglades and the Florida Keys that should appeal to adventuresome tourists

Economics, with Interest | Social Science Reviews, April 15, 2016

unequal gains

A masterpiece in quantitative and qualitative economic research destined to become a classic in its field; a book by one of the most important economic thinkers of our generation belongs in all economic and social history collections

Professional Media | Social Science Reviews, April 15, 2016

multilingual access

An overview of the state of academic publishing and library ebook initiatives; a scholarly contribution to library literature that addresses challenges in enabling access to digital collections for multilingual users; a well-researched handbook that provides strong encouragement to librarians and library students to learn more about copyright; a thoughtful look at an ­emerging issue affecting libraries in the age of print-on-demand technologies and the growing number of ebook publishing platforms

Mail Service | Social Science Reviews, April 15, 2016

neither snow nor rain

Two books that relay the complicated history of an institution that is thoroughly integrated into American life: the US Postal Service

Living with Alzheimer’s | Science & Technology Reviews, April 15, 2016

long hello

An intriguing examination of Alzheimer’s that general readers will find useful; an intensely intimate, literary tribute to a loving relationship that offers a glimpse into the demented mind; a recommended diet book that presents a sensible regimen that people can follow easily

History of Science, April 2016 | Best Sellers

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