Debut Authors Discuss Authenticity and Research at ALA Midwinter


The January 26 Association of American Publisher’s (AAP) Debut Author Panel, which featured novelists published by Riverhead, Atlantic Monthly, Norton, and William Morrow, gave four writers an opportunity to talk about how their first books began and how they got to market. Dina Nayeri, Margaret Wrinkle, Sean Pidgeon, and Tara Conklin spoke at length on […]

Reference News from the Show | ALA Midwinter 2013


As usual, ALA was a whirlwind of panels, book buzzes, parties, and my favorite—meeting librarians in the inevitable lines for food and bathrooms (will the conference centers ever figure this out?). The best fun was at the AAP Library Family Feud, where librarians took on authors about such burning questions as what 100 librarians said […]

Librarians & Authors Battle for Trivial Laurels

Family Feud 1

After sitting through many a Powerpoint slide show of upcoming titles, I was almost giddy (or was that the Seattle coffee?) to attend the Association of American Publishers’ (AAP) Library Family Feud program on Sunday afternoon. Hosted by the voluble (and veteran) quizmaster Chris Vaccari of Sterling Publishing—who hosts a Wednesday quiz night in Manhattan—the Feud pitted […]

ALA Midwinter: A Modest Notable Books Proposal


Don’t kid yourself; the life of an editor is not all glamor. Sunday evening, I had to leave a HarperCollins dinner early with my dinner in a bag, abandoning an interesting table conversation about the realignment of Barnes & Nobles with the independents, the difficulty of planning book talks at libraries in the brave new […]

“Rain Is the Ink of the Northwest”: Writers Talk about Place and Fiction at ALA Midwinter

Booklist Author Panel

Friday’s ERT/Booklist Author Forum, moderated by Booklist editor Brad Hooper, brought together a diverse group of novelists to talk about the state of the novel and the role place plays in fiction. Literary fiction writer Ruth Ozeki (My Year of Meats), prolific fantasy author Terry Brooks (“Shannara” series), thriller writer Gregg Olsen (Fear Collector), and […]

A “No Starbucks” Café Crawl | ALA Midwinter, Seattle January 22-29

The Elliott Bay Book Company

For librarians headed to ALA Midwinter in Seattle, may I strongly suggest NO STARBUCKS. As a general rule, this is expected of the resident. For the visitor, abstaining for one day is good enough.

Instead, as a Seattle native, I recommend a ten-minute walk (probably in the rain) to a few of Seattle’s superlative and nearby-the-Convention-Center cafés, located along the E. Pine/ E. Pike St. corridor in the Capitol Hill neighborhood.

Getting Ready for ALA Midwinter: What I Learned from the Galley Guide

Download the 2013 ALA Midwinter Galley Guide

  With the success of Library Journal’s BookExpo America and American Library Association galley guides, could a galley guide for ALA Midwinter be far behind? Obviously not, and it will be available any minute and it’s now ready to download! Featuring more than 250 titles and facilitated by sponsorship from Random House, for which LJ is grateful, […]

Sign Up for Library Journal’s First Ever ALA Midwinter Galley Guide


Rachel Kushner’s Flamethrowers. Kent Wascom’s Blood of Heaven. Teddy Wayne’s The Love Song of Jonny Valentine. Rose Tremain’s Merivel. Nicci French’s Tuesday’s Gone. Cara Black’s Murder Below Montparnasse. These are just some of the terrific galleys you will find while prowling the aisles at ALA Midwinter in Seattle, January 25–29. This year, you won’t have […]

Wearing Two Hats at ALA: Author and Librarian | ALA Annual 2012


Wearing Two Hats at ALA: Author and Librarian | ALA Annual 2012

ALTAFF’s “Books Without Boundaries: Crossover Fiction for YAs and Adults‚Äù: ALA Annual 2012


ALTAFF’s “Books Without Boundaries: Crossover Fiction for YAs and Adults‚Äù: ALA Annual 2012