Post-Thanksgivukah Time Travels | What We’re Reading


Library Journal staffers had some time to read and re-read a few good books over the long weekend. Here’s what was on our post-holiday platters. Mahnaz Dar, Associate Editor, Library Journal Reviews As a young impressionable college student, I read Donna Tartt’s The Secret History and, of course, hungered for more Tartt. As she only […]

Covers, Awards, Agents, and More | What We’re Reading!


The Library Journal/School Library Journal bibliophiles are gobbling up books before the holiday and happy to share their picks of the week with fellow book devourers!

Wars, Worlds, Wonders, and Wackos | What We’re Reading


A wide swath of reading matter this week for LJ/SLJ staffers, with books about killer scarecrows, scary clowns, not-really-new fairy tales, alternate worlds, remembrances of war, forced marriages, and perfidious characters.

Superhero Builders, Kite Runners, Nobel Winners, & More | What We’re Reading


As the cold weather circles, Library Journal and School Library Journal editors batten down the hatches and snuggle up with books set in Afghanistan, second grade, alternate fantasy worlds, Baltimore, and any place Alice Munro wants to take us. Mahnaz Dar, Associate Editor, LJ I’m reading Khaled Hosseini’s The Kite Runner (Riverhead). I’m not loving […]

Taming the Terrible Twos, Class Distinctions, Showbiz Sisters | What We’re Reading


Near the end stretch of picking best books of 2013, LJ staffers take some “me” reading time.

Dressing the Part, Finding God and David Foster Wallace, and Decoding Blurbs | What We’re Reading


This week, School Library Journal/Library Journal staffers take a break from perusing the best of the best to contemplate the existence of God, drool over iconic dresses, and dig beneath the jungle growth of back-cover copy.

Beatles, Bennets, Buddies and Brats | What We’re Reading


This week, the Library Journal staffers are shoplifting harmonicas with a Beatle, scrutinizing the Bennet family from belowstairs, making new friends in Iowa, reading a friend’s novel on a smartphone, and pondering interpersonal dynamics. It’s what we do!

Road Trips, Mind Trip, and Fear of Flying | Classic Returns


Library Journal focuses on women making their way in the world, using any tools at hand: their blondeness, their intelligence, their sexual savvy, or a 1939 Ford.

Book Clubs, Freebies, and Spectacles | What We’re Reading


As Library Journal editors scurry to read all the nominees for the best books of 2013, other staffers in the School Library Journal/LJ offices don their specs; give Dave Eggers’s fiction a try; check out some starred books, vampire stories, and mysteries; and delve into their local book clubs’ fall picks. Mahnaz Dar, Associate Editor, […]

Tales of Terror | Pre-Halloween Classic Returns


LJ counts down the days to Halloween with a trick-or-treat sampling of some great rereleases by kings (and a queen) of chill.

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