Because Life’s Too Short | Books for Dudes


May is for manful titles, courage and resolution, old crime stories and new thrillers. Read Hobbs’s debut novel Ghostman, Kerr’s A Man Without Breath, Hillerman’s (1986) Skinwalkers, and more.

A Simple Murder, Wool, and The Human Division | Books for Dudes


This month’s Books for Dudes features star SF author Scalzi’s The Human Dimension, Atkins’s The Broken Places, Kuhns’s historical mystery A Simple Murder and a nonfiction account of discovering how polar bears reflect human behavior.

Ten Books to Lure Hibernating Athletes Out of Their Lairs | Books for Dudes

Time crunched cyclist

Spring books to propel dudes out of bed and into action for runners, cyclists, swimmers, nutritionists, weight watchers, triathlon athletes, or sit back with Leanne Shapton’s autobiography. Either way, your endurance for reading is building.

Conspiracies, Demon Purging, and Cincinnati Fire Kites! | Books for Dudes


February’s Dude beckons spring with Backyard Ballistics, the return of Biosphere2, a Russian cold case, and new thrillers to read away the remaining days of winter.

Books For a Right and Happy Dude | Books for Dudes


The Dude reviews novels about exploding mangoes, mysterious stonecutters in Fjällbacka, Sweden, Kosmatka’s historic thriller, plus a look at Laska’s Hidden America, and Glen Matlock on growing up a teenage Sex Pistol.

The Uninvited, The Bookseller, Brain on Fire, and a Few Colorful Lies | Books for Dudes

Brain on Fire

It’s December with temps in the 30s; I guess autumn really is over. I had fun extending my triathlon season into October, but all good things must end, including the only book I really sat down with over the past few months, Color Stories by Benjamin Moore (covered below). I relied on my minions to […]

Author Q&A with James Brotherton | Books for Dudes

“I ponder questions such as: At what point does a musician say, “I’m going to start a cover band.” And who are these people who say, “Guess what, Honey? There’s a Beatles cover band playing at the casino on Friday and I bought tickets for us!”~ Author James Brotherton It’s pretty rare that a book […]

Halloween Reads, Bookovers, and James Brotherton | Books for Dudes


Doug Lord on the books that’ll keep you up all night.

The Bottom of the Heap | Books for Dudes


I don’t know about you, but for me the seasonal change foretells an autumnal slouch into semi-hibernation—and I love it. Lounging around in my smoking jacket reading books all day is what the darker months are all about. This month at Books for Dudes Headquarters we sent our feistiest reviewers on a scouting mission for […]

Moustaches, Manuals & Making Magic Happen | Books for Dudes


Doug Lord discusses two categories of books worth reading.