Elliott on Healthy Relationships, Smallin Tackles Clutter, Wehrenberg on Anxiety | Self-Help Reviews, December 2014


The New Year’s offerings begin with guidance on making life more enjoyable and even exciting through embracing surprise, rediscovering one’s creative self, and clearing out the impediments of resentments and fear.

Guidance on Shaken Baby Syndrome, Creating a Positive Life, Overcoming Hypervigilance | Self-Help Reviews


While nearly half of self-help titles give global advice to make life more successful, happy, or fulfilled, many selections in this column present a slightly different message.

Guides to Public Speaking, the Upside of Low Self-Esteem, Recovering Intimacy, & More | Self-Help Reviews


Hoogterp explains how to “work the stage” and be memorable; Rufus describes the upside of low self esteem and a variety of healing strategies; Sayers helps service members and their families readjust after long periods apart

Sound Advice on Life (Pauley, Huffington), Shapiro & White’s Mindful Discipline, & More | Self-Help Reviews

Mindful Discipline

Reviews of Samara O’Shea’s Loves Me…Not, Jane Pauley’s Your Life Calling, Shauna L. Shapiro & Chris White’s Mindful Discipline, and a list of titles from the April 1 issue.

Best Books 2013: Self-Help


The best self-help of 2013.

Self-Help Reviews | November 15, 2013

i dare

Self-Help reviews from the November 15, 2013 issue.

Self-Help Reviews | June 1, 2013


Reviews of Modern Dating: A Field Guide, Happily Ever After: A Light-Hearted Guide to Wedded Bliss, and Happy This Year! The Secret to Getting Happy Once and for All and How To Do Everything and Be Happy: A Straight-Talking Guide to Creating Happiness in Your Life, plus a full list of Self-Help titles from the June 1 issue.

Self-Help Reviews | December 2012


Reviews of Sandra Bond Chapman’s Make Your Brain Smarter, Sophia Dembling’s The Introvert’s Way, and Deborah J. Cornwall’s Things I Wish I’d Known, plus a full list of self-help reviews from the Dec. issue.

Self-Help Meets God: A Classic Approach | Collection Development


Self-help: the term evokes the busier aisles of the bookstore and some of the most popular ranges in any local public library. It is also, as we know, a category of writing, publishing, and reading subjected to a great deal of mockery and satire in the public sphere and, perhaps, deservedly so: there is a kind of rapid reach for easy conclusions and at times a haste in writing and structure that leaves self-help writers and readers vulnerable to the most contemptuous sort of criticism.

Ready, Set, Self-Start-Up!: Seven New Books on Being the Best in Business


Ready, Set, Self-Start-Up!: Seven New Books on Being the Best in Business