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New Database Releases 2014

The following list of new databases for academic and public libraries is grouped by category and includes direct links for more information. See also our annual roundup of best databases as nominated by librarians.

general reference

eBook Database. Al Manhal. 2013. almanhal.comUG GP GA

eJournal Database. Al Manhal. 2013. almanhal.com. UG GP GA

eReports Database. Al Manhal. 2013. almanhal.com. UG GP GA

eDissertation Database. Al manhal. 2013. almanhal.com. UG GP GA

Academic Video Online: Premium. Alexander Street. Sept. 2013. alexanderstreet.com/products/academic-video-online-premium. UG

Britannica Online Public Library Edition. Britannica Digital Learning. Jan. 2014. library.eb.com. YA UG GP GA

Indian Journals: Full-Text Journals from India. ProQuest. proquest.com. B C

Merriam-Webster Unabridged. Britannica Digital Learning. Sept. 2013. dictionary.eb.com. YA UG GP GA

PQDT Global. ProQuest. Oct. 2013. proquest.com. UG GP

Public Library Video Online. Alexander Street. Dec. 2013. alexanderstreet.com/products/pvst. YA GA

SAGE Navigator. SAGE. Sept. 2013. knowledge.sagepub.com/navigator. YA UG GP GA

Video Preservation and Discovery Service. ProQuest. proquest.com. UG GP

VSI Online. Oxford Univ. Sept. 2013. veryshortintroductions.com. YA UG


Mango Premiere. Mango Languages. Nov. 2013. mangopremiere.com. YA UG GP GA


FRIK Database. Apr. 2014. www.ebsco.com. UG GP


Underground and Independent Comics, Comix, and Graphic Novels. Vol. 2. alexanderstreet.com/products/comx. UG GA

Women’s Wear Daily. ProQuest. Sept. 2013. search.proquest.com/wwd/arts. UG GP

performing arts

Asian Film Online. Alexander Street. Oct. 2013. alexanderstreet.com/products/asiv. UG GA

Dance in Video. Vol. 2. Alexander Street. Jan. 2014. alexanderstreet.com/products/daiv. UG GA

Drama Online. Bloomsbury. Sept. 2013. dramaonlinelibrary.com. YA UG GP

The Jazz Discography Online: General Jazz Discography Database. Lord Music Reference. Sept. 2013. lordisco.com. YA UG GP GA

Music Index with Full Text. EBSCO. Feb. 2014. ebsco.com. UG GP GA

RIPM eLibrary of Music Periodicals™. EBSCO. Sept. 2013. ebsco.com. UG GP GA


Artemis Literary Sources. Gale. Sept. 2013. gdc.gale.com/gale-artemis/literary-sources. YA UG GP

Australasian Literature. Alexander Street. Dec. 2013. alexanderstreet.com. UG
Alexander Street’s video collections go from strength to strength, exposing subcultures and offering professional guidance in a way that’s accessible and often fascinating. This database joins the company’s existing regional coverage that’s found in South and Southeast Asian Literature in English, Early Experiences in Australasia: Primary Sources and Personal Narratives 1788–1901 and that’s sprinkled throughout products such as LGBT Thought and Culture, which has a strong focus on Australia. Australasian Literature offers students primary sources and more on literature from an area of the world that is usually covered in less detail in literature databases.


American Indian Histories and Cultures. Adam Matthew. Oct. 2013. amdigital.co.uk/m-collections/collection/american-indian-histories-and-cultures. YA UG GP GA

Biblioboard Library. EBSCO. Sept. 2013. ebsco.com. UG GP

The Chatham House Online Archive, 1920–1979. Gale. Dec. 2013. gdc.gale.com/products/chatham-house-online-archive-1920-2008. UG GP

Chatham House Online Archive, 1980–2010. Gale. Summer 2014. gdc.gale.com/products/chatham-house-online-archive-1920-2008. UG GP

China: America and the Pacific. Adam Matthew. Jan. 2014. amdigital.co.uk/m-collections/collection/china-america-and-the-pacific. YA UG GP GA

Counternarcotics Policy, 1969–2013. ProQuest. Nov. 2013. Online: Digital National Security Archive. UG GP

DNSA Collection: Mexico–United States Counternarcotics Policy, 1969–2013. Nov. 2013. ProQuest Digital National Security Archive. UG GP

Early European Books Unit 5. ProQuest. eeb.chadwyck.co.uk. UG GP

English Historical Documents Online. Routledge. Sept. 2013. englishhistoricaldocuments.com. UG GP GA

Foreign Office Files for China, 1930–1937. Adam Matthew. Feb. 2014. amdigital.co.uk/m-collections/collection/foreign-office-files-for-china-1919-1948. YA UG GP GA

The Independent Digital Archive 1986–2012. Gale. Winter 2014. gdc.gale.com. UG GP GA

Native North American Source. EBSCO. Jan. 2014. ebsco.com. YA UG GP GA

Nineteenth Century Collections Online–2014 Archives. Gale. Spring 2014. gdc.gale.com/nineteenth-century-collections-online. UG GP

Popular Culture in Britain and America: 1950–1975. Adam Matthew Digital. Sept. 2013. amdigital.co.uk/m-collections/collection/popular-culture-in-britain-and-america-ii. YA UG GP GA

ProQuest History Vault, Law and Society Since the Civil War: American Legal Manuscripts from the Harvard Law Library. ProQuest. Oct. 2013. search.proquest.com/historyvault. UG GP GA

ProQuest History Vault, WWII: U.S. Documents on Planning, Operations, Intelligence, Axis War Crimes, and Refugees. Proquest. Nov. 2013. search.proquest.com/historyvault. UG GP GA

Punch Historical Archive. Gale. Spring 2014. gdc.gale.com. UG GP

Trench Journals and Unit Magazines of the First World War. ProQuest. Sept. 2013. proquest.com. UG GP
August 2014 marks the centenary of the beginning of World War I, and various dates throughout the four years thereafter will mark other anniversaries of the war. New books and other materials will abound, but this new database from ProQuest, as well as Adam Matthew’s First World War: Propaganda and Recruitment database, should stand out for its provision of primary source material. Trench Journals will include, says ProQuest, “more than 1,500 periodicals, written and illustrated by serving members of the armed forces and associated welfare organizations.”

political science

Best’s Library Center–Life & Health, US/Canada. A.M. Best. 2013. ambest.com. UG GP GA

British Education Index. EBSCO. Sept. 2013. ebsco.com. UG GP

Plunkett Research Online. Plunkett Research. plunkettresearch.com. UG GP GA

ProQuest International Datasets. ProQuest. Nov. 2013. datasets.proquest.com. UG GP GA

ProQuest Statistical Abstracts of the World. ProQuest. Sept. 2013. search.proquest.com/statistical?landingpage=stataw. UG GP GA

ResearchReady. Imagine Easy Solutions. Sept. 2013. researchready.com. YA UG GP

World Bank eLibrary. World Bank. Oct. 2013. elibrary.worldbank.org. UG GP GA


Global Business and Economics in Video. Alexander Street. Oct. 2013. alexanderstreet.com/products/busv. UG GP

law & crime

Investment Claims. Oxford Univ. Jul. 2014. oxia.ouplaw.com. GP

LocateAmerica. AtoZdatabases. atozdatabases.com. YA UG GP GA

Max Planck Encyclopedia of Public International Law. Oxford Univ. Jul. 2013. opil.ouplaw.com/home/EPIL. GP

Oxford Competition Law. Oxford Univ. Jul. 2013. oxcat.ouplaw.com. GP

Oxford Constitutions of the World. Oxford Univ. Sept. 2013. oxcon.ouplaw.com. GP

Oxford Reports on International Law. Oxford Univ. Jul. 2013. opil.ouplaw.com/home/ORIL. GP

Oxford Scholarly Authorities on International Law. Oxford Univ. Jul. 2013. opil.ouplaw.com/home/OSAIL. UG GP


PsycExtra. ProQuest. Sept. 2013. proquest.com. UG GP GA

Psychological Experiments Online. Alexander Street. Feb. 2014. alexanderstreet.com/products/pexp. YA UG GP GA

communications & journalism

Associated Press Online Archives. Gale. Winter 2014. gdc.gale.com. UG GP

Communications Source. EBSCO. Oct. 2013. ebsco.com. UG GP

First World War: Propaganda and Recruitment. Adam Matthew. Nov. 2013. amdigital.co.uk/m-collections/collection/ the-first-world-war-propaganda-and-recruitment. YA UG GP GA

social sciences

Anthropology Subject Collection. Credo. Sept. 2013. corp.credoreference.com/products/product-list/subject-collections.html. YA UG GA

Sociology Subject Collection. Credo. Sept. 2013. corp.credoreference.com/products/product-list/subject-collections.html.


Core Concepts Biology. Rosen Digital. Jan. 2014. biology.rosendigital.com. YA UG GA

Core Concepts Periodic Table. Rosen Digital. Sept. 2013. periodictable.rosendigital.com. YA UG GA

CRCnetBASE. Taylor & Francis.CRCnetBASE.com. GP

Environmental Studies in Video. Alexander Street. Nov. 2013. alexanderstreet.com/products/envv. UG GA

Multimedia Atlas of Global Warming and Climatology. SAGE. Aug. 2014. ebk. ISBN 9781452257327. Online: SAGE Knowledge. UG GP GA


Engineering Case Studies Online. Alexander Street. Feb. 2014. alexanderstreet.com/products/engv. UG GA


Counseling and Psychotherapy Transcripts. Vol. 2. Alexander Street. Feb. 2014. alexanderstreet.com/products/ctrn. UG GP

Veterinary Education in Video. Alexander Street. Oct. 2013. alexanderstreet.com/products/vets. GP