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With Leo DiCaprio set to star as Gatsby, Tom Hanks and Hugh Grant joining an ensemble cast in Cloud Atlas, and Jennifer Lawrence currently playing Katniss Everdeen, it is a commonplace that a popular book often finds its way to the screen. Yet the screen also finds its way into books. Be it a witty account of a script doctor or a brilliantly conceived and set spy story, the titles from these five authors prove that Hollywood works as well in print as it does in pixels.

  • The Holden Age of Hollywood by Phil Brody (Medallion)
  • Mission to Paris by Alan Furst (Random)
  • Ancient Highway by Bret Lott (Random)
  • Laura Lamont’s Life in Pictures by Emma Straub (Riverhead: Penguin Group [USA])
  • Beautiful Ruins by Jess Walter (HarperCollins)


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Neal Wyatt compiles LJ's online feature Wyatt's World and is the author of The Readers' Advisory Guide to Nonfiction (ALA Editions, 2007). She is a collection development and readers' advisory librarian from Virginia. Those interested in contributing to The Reader's Shelf should contact her directly at Readers_Shelf@comcast.net

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