Wyatt’s World: Out-of-Print RA

There is nothing like finding a book that is all but forgotten to the world. Thanks to interlibrary loan and generous weeding policies, libraries are often a haven for such titles. Through RA efforts, we can mine these way back list titles and deliver distinctive read-alikes.

Nancy Pearl is doing this through her “Book Lust Rediscovery” series (see the first of her summer guest posts for LJ), but RA librarians can do it with an endless list of titles currently housed in their libraries. To get started, here are five o.p. titles for your romantic suspense readers (all of which serve as read-alikes for Mary Stewart):

• Waiting for Willa by Dorothy Eden (Fawcett)
• A Man From the Mist by Mary Elgin (Bantam)
‚Ä¢ Red Sky at Night Lovers’ Delight by Jane Aiken Hodge (Fawcett)
• The Bride of Kilkerran by Kathleen Westcott (Pocket: S. & S.)
• King of the Castle by Victoria Holt (Grafton)

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