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Best Sellers: Microbiology, January 19, 2012

March 2011 to date as identified by YBP Library Services

1) A Planet of Viruses
Zimmer, Carl
University of Chicago Press
2011. ISBN 9780226983356. $20

2) Janeway’s Immunobiology
Murphy, Kenneth
2012. ISBN 9780815342434. $131

3) Antibiotic Resistance: Understanding and Responding to an Emerging Crisis
Drlica, Karl
Financial Times: Prentice-Hall
2011. ISBN 9780131387737. $49.99

4) Immunology
Lydyard, Peter M.
Garland: Taylor & Francis
2011. ISBN 9780415607537. $40

5) Viruses: A Very Short Introduction
Crawford, Dorothy
Oxford University Press
2011. ISBN 9780199574858. $11.95

6) Genomes of Foodborne and Waterborne Pathogens
Fratamico, Pina
American Society for Microbiology
2011. ISBN 9781555814571. $159.95

7) Nitrification
Ward, Bess
American Society for Microbiology
2011. ISBN 9781555814816. $159.95

8) Human Virology
Collier, Leslie
Oxford University Press
2011. ISBN 9780199570881. $65

9) Viruses: Biology, Applications, Control
Harper, David R.
Garland: Taylor & Francis
2012. ISBN 9780815341505. $105

10) Manual of Clinical Microbiology
Versalovic, James
American Society for Microbiology
2011. ISBN 9781555814632. $269.95

11) Dynamics of the Chemostat: A Bifurcation Theory Approach
Ajbar, Abdelhamid
Chapman & Hall CRC
2012. ISBN 9781439867143. $99.95

12) Yeast Research: A Historical Overview
Barnett, James A.
American Society for Microbiology
2011. ISBN 9781555815165. $159.95

13) Fundamentals of Molecular Virology
Acheson, Nicholas H.
John Wiley
2011. ISBN 9780470900598. $151.95

14) Molecular Wine Microbiology
Carrascosa, Alfonso V.
Elsevier Academic Press
2011. ISBN 9780123750211. $139.95

15) Oral Microbial Communities: Genomic Inquiry and Interspecies Communication
Kolenbrander, Paul E.
American Society for Microbiology
2011. ISBN 9781555815035. $179.95

16) Negative Co-Receptors and Ligands
Ahmed, Rafi
2011. ISBN 9783642195440. $139

17) Handbook of Molecular Microbial Ecology I: Metagenomics and Complementary Approaches
de Bruijn, Frans J.
2011. ISBN 9780470644799. $299.95

18) Manipulative Tenants: Bacteria Associated with Arthropods
Zchori-Fein, Einat
CRC Press
2011. ISBN 9781439827499. $129.95

19) Salmonella: From Genome to Function
Porwollik, Steffen
Caister Academic Press
2011. ISBN 9781904455738. $310

20) Immunology for Pharmacy
Flaherty, Dennis
Elsevier Mosby
2012. ISBN 9780323069472. $74.95

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