Best Books 2011: Christian Fiction

Blackstock, Terri. Shadow in Serenity. Zondervan. ISBN 9780310332312. pap. $14.99.
Logan Brisco has promised the residents of Serenity, TX, a share of the profits if they let him build his amusement park. Carny Sullivan, the daugher of a con man, knows a scam artist when she sees one. Or does she? A crisp tale of redeeming love and forgiveness. (LJ 9/15/11)

Bunn, Davis. Lion of Babylon. Bethany. ISBN 9780764209932. $22.99.
Four people‚ two CIA operatives, two civilians‚ have disappeared in Iraq. Can the disappearances be related? It is Marc Royce’s job to find out. An intense, faith-based thriller with a strong sense of place. (LJ 6/15/11)

Byrd, Sandra. To Die For: A Novel of Anne Boleyn. Howard: S. & S. (Ladies in Waiting, Bk. 1). ISBN 9781439183113. pap. $14.99.
By narrating the now-familiar story of Anne Boleyn’s rise and fall through the perspective of her closest and most trusted friend, Byrd offers a sympathetic fresh take and adds depth and dimension to an often vilified woman. (LJ 8/11)

Dekker, Ted & Tosca Lee. Forbidden. Center Street: Hachette. (Books of Mortals, Bk. 1). ISBN 9781599953540. $24.99.
In a dystopian near future, humans have been stripped of all emotion, save fear. Then a man finds his memories and emotions restored after drinking a vial of blood. Compelling writing and great plot twists combine in an outstanding thriller. (LJ 9/15/11)

Higley, T.L. Pompeii: City on Fire. B&H. (Lost Cities, Bk. 2). ISBN 9781433668579. pap. $14.99.
A Jewish woman disguises herself as a man in order to compete as a gladiator. A Roman leaves behind a ruined political career in the hopes of settling down as a winemaker. This suspenseful tale about the early Christians makes an excellent sequel to Higley’s Petra. (LJ 6/15/11)

James, Steven. The Queen: A Patrick Bowers Thriller. Revell. (Bowers Files, Bk. 5). ISBN 9780800733032. pap. $14.99.
FBI Special Agent Patrick Bowers’s homicide investigation uncovers a high-tech plot with ties both to the Cold War and the Middle East. A pulse-racing, tightly woven conspiracy tale. (LJ 8/11)