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Try CQ Press' Political Reference Suite Here for Free

The CQ Press Political Reference Suite of Online Editions (CQPPRSOE) combines many CQ Press reference titles in a single searchable e-file. Titles currently available in the Suite are: CQ Almanac Online Edition; California Political Almanac; Congress A to Z Online Edition; Congress and the Nation Online Edition; Contemporary Middle East Online Edition; Elections A to Z Online Edition; Encyclopedia of the First Amendment;

Encyclopedia of Politics and Religion Online Edition; Encyclopedia of Political Science; Encyclopedia of Religion in America; Encyclopedia of U.S. Political History; Encyclopedia of United States Indian Policy and Law; Encyclopedia of Water Politics and Policy in the United States; Guide to Congress Online Edition; Guide to Interest Groups and Lobbying in the United States; Guide to U.S. Elections Online Edition; Guide to Political Campaigns in America Online Edition; Guide to the Presidency Online Edition; Guide to the U.S. Supreme Court Online Edition; Historic Documents Series Online Edition; International Military Alliances, 1648-2008; Political Handbook of the World Online Edition; Political History of America’s Wars Online Edition; Politics in America Online Edition; Presidency A to Z Online Edition; Resort to War, 1816-2007; Separatist Movements: A Global Reference; Supreme Court A to Z Online Edition; Supreme Court Compendium Online Edition; Supreme Court Yearbook Online Edition; Times Reference from CQ Press; U.S. Constitution A to Z Online Edition; Vital Statistics on American Politics Online Edition; Vital Statistics on the Presidency Online Edition; Voter Turnout in the United States 1788-2009; Washington Information Directory Online Edition; and World at Risk (like I said, MANY titles).

My review of the file will appear in the October 15, 2011 Library Journal. To give you an idea of what I thought: it earned a “transcendent 11″ on my reviewing scale. CQ Press has generously given e-Views readers free access to the entire file (as well as to the CQ Almanac Online — technically not part of PRS, but included for this trial).

Just go to: http://library.cqpress.com/prs/trials

and use these log ins:

Username: LJOCT2011
Password: LJOCT2011

This trial is good through Halloween, October 31st (bwah-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!). Ahem.
My thanks to Ben Krasney and Mary Kay Jezzini of CQ Press for setting this trial up.

Enjoy, folks — I surely did!
More as it happens,

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Cheryl LaGuardia always wanted to be a librarian, and has been one for more years than she's going to admit. She cracked open her first CPU to install a CD-ROM card in the mid-1980's, pioneered e-resource reviewing for Library Journal in the early 90's (picture calico bonnets and prairie schooners on the web...), won the Louis Shores / Oryx Press Award for Professional Reviewing, and has been working for truth, justice, and better electronic library resources ever since. Reach her at claguard@fas.harvard.edu, where she's a Research Librarian at Harvard University.