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ALA Creates Games and Gaming Round Table

On top of yesterday’s happy news about the Supreme Court decision on video games, I heard from Brandon Robbins, who has been a long-time guest blogger here in this column and Emerging Leader, who has been attending the ALA Annual in New Orleans the last several days. Jenny Levine, who lead the gaming initiative at ALA, announced that ALA has formally approved formation of a Games and Gaming Round Table. After years of having a simple “interest group,” this is wonderful news!

For those of you who haven’t noted what Round Tables can do (quoting from the ALA website), “Round Tables are membership groups and may charge dues, develop programs, issue publications (with the approval of the ALA Publications Committee), and affiliate with regional, state or local groups with the same interests.” This gives the group considerably more ability to reach out and help, to teach, and to share. I hope ALA members with any interest in games will sign up, take part, and continue to advance the benefits to be had from offering games in libraries of all kinds.

Game on!

ETA 11 Dec 2011: The news-announcement link, above, has been removed from the ALA website since the Round Table is now up and running. Here is the ALA GameRT official page link.

Liz Danforth About Liz Danforth

Liz Danforth, MLS, is a freelance game illustrator, scenario designer, and game developer who was inducted into the Academy of Gaming Arts and Design's Hall of Fame in in 1996. She has 18 years experience as a part-time paralibrarian in Phoenix and Tucson and is one of about a dozen "gaming experts" working with the American Library Association on a million-dollar grant-funded project to study the use of gaming to improve literacy skills and to develop a model "toolbox" for gaming in libraries. Through Danforth Design & Development (D3), she also works as an artist, a writer, and a library consultant. Follow her on Twitter @LizDanforth.


  1. Board Games says:

    Could you re-do the ALA website link?

    It seems to be down.

  2. Liz Danforth says:

    Board Games, thank you for bringing that to my attention. I think that because the announcement was “news” and no longer new, it was removed.

    I have linked the official GameRT page for everyone now.


  1. gamers says:


    […]ALA Creates Games and Gaming Round Table « Games, Gamers, & Gaming[…]…