R.I.P.: Here Lies the Cassette

This morning I got an invite from Hachette Audio asking me to the publisher’s Park Avenue offices to “honor the old cornerstone of the audiobooks industry, the humble cassette tape, with a toast.” As of July 2008, it seems, Hachette Audio will no longer be producing audiobooks on cassette.

worthy memory of mine is set to muffled music playing off a warbled cassette tape, so this is big news. Unfortunately, it happens that I’m too busy reporting on the eventual decline of the CD, the burgeoning digital and downloadable markets, and the introduction of mp3 audiobooks into libraries to attend. So, I pay my respects remotely:

Rest in peace, you damnable guy—it’s been some crazy ride…<CLICK>



  1. Tricia says:

    Hi, this request may be a little weird, but could I possibly have permission to use your image of the cassette tape for a fly for my radio show, at a college run station?