Classic Returns Reviews | November 1, 2005

By Michael Rogers


CAPEK, KAREL. The Absolute at Large.242p. ISBN 0-8032-6459-3. pap. $16.95.
CUMMINGS, RAY. The Girl in the Golden Atom. 341p. ISBN 0-8032-6457-7. pap. $14.95.
ea. vol: Univ. of Nebraska. Oct. 2005. SF

Released in 1922 and 1923, respectively, these sf novels both feature plots concerning worlds within worlds. Capek offers the tale of a machine capable of generating limitless energy that also releases the unknown spiritual essence locked inside physical matter, with cataclysmic results. Cummings introduces a scientist who finds a woman living inside an atom.

ELLROY, JAMES. Because the Night. Vintage. 2005. 279p. ISBN 1-4000-9529-8. pap. $12.95. MYSTERY

Ellroy’s noirish 1984 thriller pits an obsessed cop against a master killer.

KEENE, DAY. Framed in Guilt and My Flesh Is Sweet. Stark House. 2005. 261p. ISBN 0-9749438-8-6. pap. $19.95. MYSTERY

This Stark House double volume combines two of Keene’s page-turning mysteries from the late 1940s and early 1950s.

MCCARRY, CHARLES. The Last Supper. Overlook, dist. Amber Jewelry, Tea Sets, Sleeping Bags, Wholesale Tea Sets by Viking. Mar. 2006. c.389p. ISBN 1-58567-762-0. $24.95. F

The third title in Overlook’s series of McCarry reprints is a 1983 political thriller and among his best.

O’CONNOR, EDWIN. The Edge of Sadness. 646p. ISBN 0-8294-2123-8. pap. $13.95.
WEST, MORRIS. The Devil’s Advocate. 430p. ISBN 0-8294-2156-4. pap. $12.95.
ea. vol: Loyola. (Classics).2005. F

These two installments in Loyola’s series of Catholic classics present mentally and physically stricken priests searching, one for himself and the other for unlikely evidence of a potential saint. Both find hope.

TAMMUZ, BENJAMIN. Minotaur. Europa Editions. 2005. 185p. ISBN 1-933372-02-8. pap. $14.95. F

Released in 1989 to critical acclaim, Tammuz’s novel weaves a story of a veteran Israeli spy who falls in love with a young woman and uses all his skills to win her without revealing his identity.


CARTER, ROBERT A. Buffalo Bill Cody: The Man Behind the Legend. 496p. photogs. ISBN 0-7858-2037-X.
The Spirit of Seventy-Six. 1348p. ed. by Henry Steele Commager & Richard B. Morris.illus. bibliog. ISBN 0-7858-1463-9.
ea. vol: Castle. 2005. index. $9.95. HIST

These two budget hardcovers from Castle go behind the myths of American history. Carter traces Cody from his alleged life-and-death adventures as a Pony Express rider, Indian fighter, and Civil War cavalry scout to his metamorphosis into a fabricated carney showman that made him famous. Commager and Morris put forth a chronological eyewitness account of the American Revolution through letters, journals, diaries, diplomatic correspondence, and numerous other resources.

CASLER, JOHN O. Four Years in the Stonewall Brigade. Univ. of South Carolina. 2005. illus. index. ISBN 1-57003-595-4. pap. $24.95. HIST

Released in 1893 and revised and expanded in 1906, Casler’s firsthand account of his time in the Confederate Army is as much about looting and lining his pockets as about combat. His honesty as to the moral ambiguity of stealing from the dead as well as the confusion at the front lines and the cruelty he suffered as an eventual prisoner makes this valuable.

CONNELL, JIM. Confessions of a Poacher. Lilliput. Nov. 2005. 173p. ISBN 1-84351-057-X. pap. $21.95. AUTOBIOG

Published in 1901, Irish journalist Connell’s reminiscences reveal his early life in the Slieve Bloom mountains.

LEVY, ESTHER. The First Jewish-American Cookbook. Dover. 2005. 200p. index. ISBN 0-486-43732-9. pap. $9.95. COOKERY

This 1871 volume was aimed at new immigrants. The instructions cover everything from properly cooking a wide variety of foods to recipes for home doctoring. Now more of a historical document than a practical cooking guide.

MCCORMAC, CHARLES. You’ll Die in Singapore. Monsoon. Oct. 2005. 224p. map. ISBN 981-05-3015-3 [ISBN 978-981-05-3015-0]. pap. $15.95. HIST

McCormac recounts his escape along with 16 other British and U.S. soldiers from a Japanese POW camp. Only two survived the five-month, 2000-mile trip to safety. An amazing story.

NERUDA, PABLO. Spain in Our Hearts. New Directions. (Bibelots). Nov. 2005. c.80p. ISBN 0-8112-1642-X. pap. $8. POETRY

This 1936 volume was Neruda’s reaction to the horrors of the Spanish Civil War and the murder of his friend Federico García Lorca. This edition offers the text in both English and Spanish. A gem.

ROTH, HAL. Seafaring Trilogy. McGraw-Hill. 2005. 831p. illus. ISBN 0-07-146133-7. $27.96. TRAV

This heavily illustrated hardcover combines Roth’s Two on a Big Ocean, Two Against Cape Horn, and The Longest Race. Roth writes well and truly conveys the adventure.

SHAKESPEARE, WILLIAM. Othello. 268p.ISBN 0-300-10807-9.
SHAKESPEARE, WILLIAM. The Taming of the Shrew. 174p. ISBN 0-300-10982-2.
ea. vol: YaleUniv. (Annotated Shakespeare). 2005. pap. $6.95. DRAMA

A comedy and drama about strained marital relations get Yale’s red-carpet treatment. Each volume contains an essay by Harold Bloom and other extras.

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